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Last year, the Sox cancelled Instructs following the damage from Hurricane Irma. And we love Instructs. It's a fresh look at players who we haven't seen since Spring Training and a first look for guys who are new in the system.  Ian went to Instructs. And he liked what he saw. Chris and Ian went deep on some of the guys and lightning round through all the players in Instructs. They welcome Chris Becerra to the front office. And they wrap up the show with a trip into the mailbag.

Listen in!

0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon.
2:30 - What is the fall Instructional League
13:30 - Ian's Instructs Reports
30:00 - Instructs Lighting Round
57:00 - Chris Becerra joins the Front Office
59:00 - It's mailbag time

Players mentioned in the show

Antoni Flores
Gilberto Jimenez
Yoan Aybar
Francisco Lopez-Soto
Joan Martinez
Andrew Politi
Yasel Santana
Zach Schellenger
Alex Scherff
Chase Shugart
Lane Milligan
Justin Qiang
Triston Casas
Pedro Castellanos
CJ Chatham
Andre Colon
Danny Diaz
Ryan Fitzgerald
Brandon Howlett
Everlouis Lozada
Esteban Quiroz
Kleiber Rodriguez
Trey Ball
Nick Decker
Jarren Duran
Angel Maita
Bramdon Perez
Caleb Ramsey
Jagger Rusconi
Kervin Suraez
Bobby Dalbec
Mookie Betts

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