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 Chris and Ian continue their Offseason interview series and welcome Red Sox Executive VP and Assistant General Manager Eddie Romero to the podcast. Eddie shares how he got into the game and his early days with the club. He goes into detail with the changes the club has made to improve its presence in the Dominican Republic. He shares some interesting stories of players the club has scouted and signed internationally. Before getting into the interview, Chris and Ian talk through the latest moves, including the acquisition of catching prospect Ronaldo Hernandez from the Rays for Chris Mazza and Jeffrey Springs. Plus they go over the release of the spring training camp roster. And finally, as a reminder, next episode we’re going to focus on your emails, and if you have a question, email us

0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon
6:00 - Sox acquire Ronaldo Hernandez
15:00 - Spring Training Camp Roster
21:00 - Changes to the minor league season
33:40 - Interview with Eddie Romero

Players Mentioned

Ronaldo Hernandez 
Nick Sogard 
Chris Mazza 
Jeffrey Springs 
John Schreiber 
Nick Yorke 
AJ Politi 
Kole Cottam 
Chris Herrmann 
Christian Vazquez 
Michael Chavis 
Darwinzon Hernandez 
Anderson Espinoza 
Rafael Devers 
Bryan Mata 
Eduard Bazardo 
Gilberto Jimenez 
Daniel Flores 
Miguel Bleis 
Yizreel Burnet 
Enderso Lira 
Ahbram Liendo 
Alvaro Mejias 
Brainer Bonaci 
Ceddanne Rafaela 
Aldo Ramirez 
Jorge Rodriguez 
Chih-Jung Liu 

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