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The 2021 Minor League Baseball season kicks off May 4th, and after a year away, we’re all glad that the games are getting started again. In advance of the resumption of minor league games, the Red Sox announced their roster assignments as well as a few cuts and retirements to trim the rosters down. Ian files a report from the Alternate Training Site where he got to see the Sox players scrimmage against players from the Mets Alternate Training Site. As a reminder, with minor league games returning, so do our game reports for our patrons. Visit our Patreon for details. Finally, we close out the show with a trip through the mailbag. Thanks for writing in and make sure to send your questions to

0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon
4:00 - Red Sox trim minor league rosters
13:00 - Top prospects receive their season-opening assignments
24:15 - Ian's reports from the alt site
54:45 - Mailbag
Players Mentioned
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