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With the short season clubs starting to get into full swing, Chris and Ian have a lot to talk about as we enter the busiest time of the year. The guys discuss what the Chris Owings signing means for the organization's roster depth, Michael Chavis' adjustments, Rafael Devers becoming one of the club's best players, and some draft signings to open things. Ian provides some updates from Lowell's opening weekend on Antoni Flores, Nick Decker, Gilberto Jimenez, Nick Northcut and more. Chris then takes over, analyzing some of the early returns from the DSL and looking at quick starts from Bryan Gonzalez, Albert Feliz, Brainer Bonaci, and more. A listener email asks about Jarren Duran's raw power and whether Decker could rise in the rankings.

Listen in!

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6:00 - Chris Owings and the infield depth
10:00 - MLB updates: Hernandez, Chavis, Devers
13:15 - Draft signings roundup
24:00 - Scouting reports from Lowell
56:15 - Early returns from the DSL
1:07:15 - Listener Mailbag

Players mentioned in the show

Chris Owings
Marco Hernandez
Michael Chavis
Rafael Devers
Cameron Cannon
Ryan Zeferjahn
Jaxx Groshans
Chris Murphy
Brock Bell
Wil Dalton
Cody Scroggins
Stephen Scott
Matthew Lugo
Noah Song
Antoni Flores
Nick Decker
Gilberto Jimenez
Nick Northcut
Yusniel Padron-Artiles
Yasel Santana
Joan Martinez
Jonathan Diaz
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Vaughan
Bryan Gonzalez
Albert Feliz
Giancarlos Santana
Brainer Bonaci
Elio Prado
Jarren Duran

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