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The hot stove fires have been stoked. Ian and Chris discuss the looming offseason. Topping it off, meet Chaim Bloom. The Red Sox took their time and did their due diligence. Bloom brings a creative mind and a collaborative spirit to the ball club. And his first move highlights a course correction. Along with Bloom, the Sox added new coaches to the big league bench. Chris and Ian pivot to rankings. They focus on the challenge of number three. Including a digression on the physics of baseball travel and manufacture. Working through the new rankings, Ian comments on how Instructs differed from prior years. The lack of games made it a challenge to assess the talented DSL guys in the system. We wrap up with the mailbag, both international and domestic editions.

Listen in!

0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon.
7:30 - Welcome to Boston, Chaim Bloom
25:00 - Coaching hires
28:30 - International signing
34:00 - New offseason rankings
1:02:00 - Instructs looks at DSL guys
1:07:50 - Mailbag: International Edition
1:13:00 - Explaining the new Instructs
1:14:30 - Rest of the mailbag

Players mentioned in the show

Chih-Jung Liu
Yoan Aybar
Brock Bell
Chase Shugart
Kutter Crawford
Bryan Mata
Triston Casas
Jay Groome
Gilberto Jimenez
Bobby Dalbec
Jarren Duran
Tanner Houck
Noah Song
CJ Chatham
Thaddeus Ward
Ryan Zeferjahn
Aldo Ramirez
Matthew Lugo
Chris Murphy
Nick Decker
Cameron Cannon
Brayan Bello
Antoni Flores
Cedanne Rafaela
Marcus Wilson
Jorge Rodriguez
Pedro Castellanos
Brandon Howlett
Darel Belen
Brainer Bonaci
Bryan Gonzalez
Eduardo Lopez
Eduard Bazardo

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