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We have real news. Lots of it. News from camp. Juice Pigs news (yes, that’s a thing). And new rankings news. We start off with Nick Yorke signing, and the guys speculate about how soon the rest of the draftees will sign. They go over news from summer camp, including the players diagnosed with COVID-19. Get well soon, guys. Before getting to our new rankings, they go over MLB Pipeline’s Position Group rankings. They talked about the possibility of minor leaguers playing in independent leagues. And then it’s time for our mid-season rankings. Several interesting moves both up and down and Chris and Ian share their thoughts and reasoning. Finally, it’s back to the mailbag for a pair of interesting questions.

0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon
8:00 - Quick hit news
24:30 - Our rankings update
54:45 - Mailbag time

Players Mentioned

Nick Yorke 
Blaze Jordan
Bobby Dalbec
Brendan Celucci
Noah Song
Connor Wong
Pedro Castellanos
Brandon Howlett
Cedanne Rafaela
Luis Perales
Kyle Hart
Nathanael Cruz
Robinson Leyer
Ryan Fitzgerald
Nick Longhi
Josh Ockimey
Denyi Reyes
Jhonathan Diaz
Jalen Beeks
Junichi Tazawa
Darwinzon Hernandez
Brandon Workman
Matt Barnes
Justin Masterson
Eduardo Rodriguez
Clay Buchholz
Jonathan Papelbon
Jon Lester
Michael Kopech

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