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You may have heard about this. The Red Sox dismissed Dave Dombrowski Sunday night. Chris and Ian question the timing (of the announcement, not the decision). They make the case for why the club needed to make a change. Ian describes the lack of depth in the upper minors that put the Red Sox in a "No Man's Land" for in-season options. But the discussion is not solely centered on the now departed Dealer Dave. The rosters for the Arizona Fall League are almost entirely set. Boston's contingency is prospect heavy and very interesting. In contrast, clubs are changing the way they handle the fall Instructional Leagues and various foreign winter leagues, which Chris details briefly. And we close the show with an interesting note from the mailbag and a quick update on the clubs in the minor league playoffs.

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0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon.
2:30 - Dombrowski's dismissal
44:40 - Arizona Fall League review
51:00 - How Instructs are changing
59:00 - Listener Mailbag
1:07:20 - Abbreviated Playoff update

Players mentioned in the show

Mike Shawaryn
Sandy Leon
Tanner Houck
Bryan Mata
Jarren Duran
Marcus Wilson
CJ Chatham
Yoan Aybar
Stephen Scott
Brett Netzer
Ryan Fitzgerald
Jay Groome
Triston Casas
Darwinzon Hernandez
Gilberto Jimenez
Bobby Dalbec
Antoni Flores
Nick Decker
Danny Diaz
Bryan Mata
Chris Murphy
Noah Song

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Direct download: SPPod_166_-_I_think_we_got_a_lot_to_talk_about.mp3
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving leftovers linger in the fridge and the last of the pumpkin pies has been finally eaten. And with the calendar poised to turn to December, we toss another log on the fire turn our eyes towards that most magical of wintry festivals. Yes, the hot stove is crackling and the winter meetings loom on the horizon. Chris and Ian start off with the 40-man roster. They break down the players protected from the rule V draft as well as the big name left exposed. They review the Arizona Fall League results. And then they take a look at the top 20 prospects and predict who gets dealt, who plays in Fenway next year and who stays down on the farm. Finally, we turn the show over to you and crack open the mailbag for some great questions.

Listen in!

0:00 – Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon.
4:50 – Rule 5: Reyes protected, Ockimey not
33:00 – Arizona Fall League Wrap-Up
44:00 – Top 20 in 2019: MLB contributor, trade bait, or farmhand
1:14:45 – Emptying the mailbag

Players mentioned in the show

Esteban Quiroz
Colten Brewer
Michael Chavis
Darwinzon Hernandez
Travis Lakins
Josh Taylor
Denyi Reyes
Josh Ockimey
Bobby Dalbec
Mike Shawaryn
Teddy Stankiewicz
Triston Casas
Jay Groome
Tanner Houck
Bryan Mata
Antoni Flores
CJ Chatham
Durbin Feltman
Nick Decker
Brandon Howlett
Jarren Duran
Nick Northcut
Alex Scherff
Gilberto Jimenez
Tzu-Wei Lin
Tate Matheny

Got something to say? We love talking about what you want to hear about. Make sure to email us

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Direct download: SPPod_149_Im_not_dead_inside.m4a
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From Fort Myers and the delightful Hampton Inn. Chris and Ian deal with the unseasonably chilly weather (for Florida) and talk about the early minors spring training games. We have a Christopher Acosta update. Long-time listener and returning emailer Joe clears the air. Finally, Chris and Ian contemplate the challenge of developing good major league players, even for bullpen positions. Listen In!

Direct download: SoxProspects_03162017.mp3
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On this episode, the guys review what we learned at Spring Training (which you can also catch up on at, and analyze the season-opening rosters at the four full-season affiliates. Also discussed: Jon Meoli's hair.

Direct download: 2013-0406.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:37pm EST Podcast #21

In a happy coincidence, Mike, Mellen, Hatfield and Ian T. had a chat on what turned out to be a busy day. Among the topics the guys discussed were the terms of the new CBA, the Red Sox front office promotions and departures, the holes that need to be filled in the Boston lineup, and other offseason notes.

Direct download: 2011-1122.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:33am EST Podcast #20

Boston's season may be over, but the prospecting is still good, as Mellen talks with Mike and Hatfield about his trip to Instructs, which wrapped up this morning. The guys also discuss the Arizona Fall League and Baseball World Cup in this shorter edition of the podcast.

Direct download: 2011-1011.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:28pm EST

The season flew by and the guys get together to put a bow on it. Topics discussed include: is Ranaudo worth the hype, which 2011 pick has the most potential going forward, and where does Xander Bogaerts stack up with other previous Sox prospects.

Direct download: 2011-0913.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:16am EST

The guys get together to discuss the Sox haul after the signing deadline.

Direct download: 20110817.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:18pm EST

The guys break down the Sox maneuvering at the deadline and discuss the pro's and con's of the deals made.

Direct download: 20110801.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:14pm EST

In this episode, two next podcasters make their debut as Ian Cundall and Jon Meoli join Chris and Chris to examine recent transactions, discuss some players who could move at the trade deadline, and look ahead to the potential logjam of players who need to be added to the 40-man roster this offseason. They also take some questions from Twitter followers, including one from a celebrity fan with a very interesting answer.

Direct download: 20110713.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:12am EST

The crew regathers to discuss the upcoming Draft, the Chris' southern road trip to Greenville and Salem, and general happenings over the last months.

Players discussed: Drake Britton, Miguel Celestino, Brandon Jacobs, Pete Hissey, Juan Rodriguez, and many more.

Direct download: 2011-0602.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:31am EST

In our April podcast, we discuss the early returns for the 2011 season, what players might actually be due for an early promotion, and take some questions from the Twitterverse.

Players discussed: Drake Britton, Kolbrin Vitek, Anthony Ranaudo, Will Middlebrooks, Miguel Celestino, Sean Coyle, Brandon Jacobs, and more!

Direct download: 2011-0420.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:53am EST

In this podcast Mike, Hatfield, and Mellen discuss their Ft. Myers observations in depth. We talk about the players in Minor League camp who surprised, disappointed, and are poised for breakout seasons. We also predict the player we feel will make The Leap this season.

Players discussed: Oscar Tejeda, Ryan Lavarnway, Kolbrin Vitek, Drake Britton, Jose Vinicio, Anthony Ranaudo, Brandon Workman, Kendrick Perkins, and many, many more.

Direct download: 2011-0327.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:49pm EST

The calendar wind down towards opening day and baseballs are being thrown in Ft. Myers. All is right in the world. Topics discussed:Do the Sox currently have a potential top prospect in the system? Who can step up and become the next great pitching prospect? Theo and his clever contract tricks. The physical development of prospects. How much patience is too much patience? And much more.

Players discussed: Anthony Ranuado, Kolbrin Vitek, Jose Iglesias, Ryan Kalish, Lars Anderson, Drake Britton, Bryce Brentz, Brandon Workman, Stolmy Pimentel, Sean Coyle, Ryan Lavarnway, Chad Spann, and many, many more.


Direct download: 2011-0223.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:53pm EST Podcast #11

In our first podcast of 2011, we cover the state of the system, the Adrian Gonzalez trade, and our early projections on 2011 roster assignments.

Direct download: SoxProspectsPodcast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm EST

On our special 10th episode, we dissect the Sox 2010 draft haul piece by piece and discuss the Salem and Lowell teams.

Players discussed: Anthony Ranaudo, Gain Cecchini, Sean Coyle, Kendrick Perkins, Brandon Workman, Chris Hernandez, Kolbrin Vitek, Oscar Tejeda, Will Middlebrooks.

Direct download: 2010-0817.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:08pm EST

The crew makes up for lost time by recording their longest podcast to date. Topics discussed include the first month of short-season and rookie ball, the polarizing Che-Hsuan Lin, the Sox catching logjam, and Ryan Kalish's immediate and long-term future. We also had the pleasure welcoming guest Mike Newman from He joined us to talk about Greenville's current prospects.

Players discussed: Che-Hsuan Lin, Ryan Lavarnway, Jose Garcia, Madison Younginer, Roman Mendez, Ryan Kalish, Michael Almanzar, Reymond Fuentes, Derrik Gibson, Chris McGuiness, Felix Doubront, and Daniel Nava.

Direct download: Podcast07212010.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:44pm EST 2010 Draft Day 1 Recap

The four regulars get together for a podblast to recap the Sox three picks, who the Sox will target on day two, and to discuss some of the misinformation that goes along with the draft process.

Players discussed: Kolbrin Vitek, Bryce Brentz, Anthony Ranaudo



Direct download: DraftDayOne2010.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:10am EST

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The Draft is here and is ready to bring you all the details on the players you are soon to be hyping up, arguing about, and prematurely giving up on. In this episode, which is Part 4 of our Draft Preview, we discuss the Sox targets in the draft, players we want the Sox to draft, and we make our final draft predictions.

Players discussed: Austin Wilson, Anthony Ranaudo, Kolbrin Vitek, Tyrell Jenkins, Barrett Loux, Chad Bettis, Kaleb Cowart, Matt Harvey, and more.

Direct download: Draft_podcast2010.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:18am EST

In the second show of the season, the gang discusses early season surprises and disappointments, a draft preview preview, and play Triple Play for the first time ever.

Players discussed: Lars Anderson, Anthony Rizzo, Oscar Tejeda, Chris McGuinness, Daniel Nava, Che-Hsuan Lin, and more.

Direct download: SPPodcast051310.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:08pm EST

Sit down with the gang to kick off the 2010 minor league season. Mike Andrews, Chris Hatfield, Chris Mellen, and Jon Singer discuss what they saw on their trip to Fort Myers. Players discussed include Jose Iglesias, Jose Vinicio, David Renfroe, Reymond Fuentes, Madison Younginer, Will Middlebrooks, and many more. Other topics include the bad luck the minor league system can face and 2010 predictions.

Direct download: Podcast040410.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:54am EST

The guys get together for some off-season casting of pods. Topics discussed include off-season transaction to date, potential moves down the road, and a round table discussion about whether we overrate our prospects or not.

Direct download: SPPodcast122109.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:39pm EST Podcast #6 The gang of 3 gets together for a post-mortem of the 2009 minor league season and what to look forward to going ahead.
Direct download: SP.com_Podcast_9.29.09.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:44pm EST Podcast #5 The gang gets together for the first time in a while to discuss Futures at Fenway, the biggest surprises and disappointments of the season, and random observations from the season.

Show length: 1:03:50
Direct download: SP.comPodcast080409a.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:18am EST Draft Day 1 Podcast The guys talk about the Red Sox's first three picks in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft - Reymond Fuentes, Alex Wilson, and David Renfroe.
Direct download: SoxProspectsDraftPodcast1.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:20am EST