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In a happy coincidence, Mike, Mellen, Hatfield and Ian T. had a chat on what turned out to be a busy day. Among the topics the guys discussed were the terms of the new CBA, the Red Sox front office promotions and departures, the holes that need to be filled in the Boston lineup, and other offseason notes.

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Boston's season may be over, but the prospecting is still good, as Mellen talks with Mike and Hatfield about his trip to Instructs, which wrapped up this morning. The guys also discuss the Arizona Fall League and Baseball World Cup in this shorter edition of the podcast.

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The season flew by and the guys get together to put a bow on it. Topics discussed include: is Ranaudo worth the hype, which 2011 pick has the most potential going forward, and where does Xander Bogaerts stack up with other previous Sox prospects.

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The guys get together to discuss the Sox haul after the signing deadline.

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The guys break down the Sox maneuvering at the deadline and discuss the pro's and con's of the deals made.

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In this episode, two next podcasters make their debut as Ian Cundall and Jon Meoli join Chris and Chris to examine recent transactions, discuss some players who could move at the trade deadline, and look ahead to the potential logjam of players who need to be added to the 40-man roster this offseason. They also take some questions from Twitter followers, including one from a celebrity fan with a very interesting answer.

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The crew regathers to discuss the upcoming Draft, the Chris' southern road trip to Greenville and Salem, and general happenings over the last months.

Players discussed: Drake Britton, Miguel Celestino, Brandon Jacobs, Pete Hissey, Juan Rodriguez, and many more.

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In our April podcast, we discuss the early returns for the 2011 season, what players might actually be due for an early promotion, and take some questions from the Twitterverse.

Players discussed: Drake Britton, Kolbrin Vitek, Anthony Ranaudo, Will Middlebrooks, Miguel Celestino, Sean Coyle, Brandon Jacobs, and more!

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In this podcast Mike, Hatfield, and Mellen discuss their Ft. Myers observations in depth. We talk about the players in Minor League camp who surprised, disappointed, and are poised for breakout seasons. We also predict the player we feel will make The Leap this season.

Players discussed: Oscar Tejeda, Ryan Lavarnway, Kolbrin Vitek, Drake Britton, Jose Vinicio, Anthony Ranaudo, Brandon Workman, Kendrick Perkins, and many, many more.

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The calendar wind down towards opening day and baseballs are being thrown in Ft. Myers. All is right in the world. Topics discussed:Do the Sox currently have a potential top prospect in the system? Who can step up and become the next great pitching prospect? Theo and his clever contract tricks. The physical development of prospects. How much patience is too much patience? And much more.

Players discussed: Anthony Ranuado, Kolbrin Vitek, Jose Iglesias, Ryan Kalish, Lars Anderson, Drake Britton, Bryce Brentz, Brandon Workman, Stolmy Pimentel, Sean Coyle, Ryan Lavarnway, Chad Spann, and many, many more.


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In our first podcast of 2011, we cover the state of the system, the Adrian Gonzalez trade, and our early projections on 2011 roster assignments.

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