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With Fort Myers in the rearview mirror, Chris and Ian stick a set of chopsticks into Spring Training. Chris sits down with Sox farmhand and member of the upstart Team Israel team, Mike Myers. Ian elaborates on the Jason Groome experience. Chris and Ian review the A-Ball pitchers and hitters from the end of the Spring Training trip. Chris swerves by his standing rant about how the Rule 5 draft hurts Latin players. Tyler Hill makes another Podcast appearance as the Sox continue to trial him in center this spring. Listen In!

Podcast Show Notes

1:00 - Intros, Housekeeping, email us and Remeber to check us out on Patreon. 5:30 - Corner Outfielder Mike Myers on his WBC experience
17:00 - Ian's #Winning Spring Training
20:00 - Updates on the Greenville and Salem pitchers
52:00 - Lightning Round on A-Ball Hitters

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From Fort Myers and the delightful Hampton Inn. Chris and Ian deal with the unseasonably chilly weather (for Florida) and talk about the early minors spring training games. We have a Christopher Acosta update. Long-time listener and returning emailer Joe clears the air. Finally, Chris and Ian contemplate the challenge of developing good major league players, even for bullpen positions. Listen In!

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With winter weather clinging bitterly to Boston, Chris, Matt and Ian look ahead to their spring training trip. Up first is an overview of what the guys are looking forward to seeing when they get to the balmy summer climes of the Fort. And then from the mailbag, listener Joe calls out the lack of statistical context when judging the flukiness of Rusney Castillo's winter revival. Finally, they lament the end of the beloved Blue Sushi and wonder whether Brahma Sushi can compare.

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