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Lots to talk about this week, but the big story is Ian saw Portland and we have a lot from his scouting notebook to go over. But first the guys go over a healthy amount of news from the system. Starting off is a discussion of how the team can help pitchers who are re-learning to pitch with the new enforcement rules in place. Connor Wong debuted with the big club. A handful of updates regarding injured players cap the news, before we turn our eyes south to Fort Myers. The Florida Complex League kicked off play, which led to a discussion of the loss of the short season leagues. Then it is on to the scouting report on Portland, and two things to note, if you like these kinds of scouting heavy shows, you will love the game updates on our Patreon. You can find details here. Second, Ian will get another look at Portland this week, so expect more of these kinds of updates soon. Finally, Chris and Ian read through the mailbag to talk about what you want to hear about. Thanks for writing in and make sure to send your questions to


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